The University of Massachusetts Amherst

Internal Users

  1. Regardless whether you plan to do the experiments yourself or the microscopy will be performed by center staff: Goto UMass FOM and create an account
  2. Apply for training for the instrument you want to use in UMass FOM.
  3. Make sure you general laboratory and are safety training are up to date (UMass OWL ).
  4. Stop by at A-528 during office hours (usually Mondays 3 pm - 5 pm) to setup additionally required accounts (EM storage), get instructions, schedule hands-on-training and questions (~30 min).
  5. Hands on training for the respective EMs or AFMs will be scheduled individually once all requirements for access to the center are met.
  6. No personal samples are permitted unless you are instructed to bring one.
  7. Make sure to bring a notebook!