The University of Massachusetts Amherst

Internal Users

 For training requests:

  1. Regardless of whether you plan to do the experiments yourself or the microscopy will be performed by center staff: Go to CORUM and request an account here Core Facilities User Authorization Form.
  2. Make sure you have an active payment source linked to your CORUM account. If you are not sure, please talk to your supervisor.
  3. Make sure your general laboratory and safety training are up to date:
  4. Once you are all set fill out this form Training Request Form and someone will contact you regarding the steps 5 through 7.

  5. You will be added to a MicroSoft Teams Channel for the respective instrument. Please make sure you are set up with Teams using your UMass NetID. All the material can be found under the 'training information' section (tab)
  6. You also will be added to a google chat using your UMass NetID.
  7. We will create an account on the EM-Data NAS for you (USB flash drives are not permitted).
  8. Once you made sure you have access to the google chat as well as the EM-Data NAS and carefully reviewed the training material on the MS Team Channel. Once done contact '’ to set-up your first hands-on training. Note: For the first training we will provide a sample.
  9. There is a 15 min grace period for any training session for no-show. If you fail to notify us in advance that you will be late or not be able to be there, you will be charged 1h of assisted use and your appointment will be automatically canceled.