Temporary Sample Submission Instructions

Starting Mon March 23rd the Electron Microscopy Core is operating as a service only facility until further notice.

  • There will be no user access to the EM facility until further notice.
  • Do not personally come to the EM center unless instructed to do so for sample drop-off.
  • We will not take responsibility for lost or stolen samples in the sample drop-off area.
  • We will not respond to any requests for exceptions.
  • Any consultation will be via e-mail or zoom if necessary.


Any request has to be submitted via e-mail to both aeribbe@umass.edu and kdusoe@umass.edu.

The subject of the request has to start with "[TEM sample request Date emstorageID]","[SEM sample request Date emstorageID]" or  "[AFM sample request Date emstorageID]".

Do not forget the brackets and replace Date by dd-mm and emstorageID with your loginID for emstorage.pse.umass.edu

  • Send individual e-mails for each request
  • Each request can only include two (2) samples
  • We will give priority to already prepared sample Samples which need preparation we be assessed on a case-by-case basis.
  • Your request has to include a detailed description of the expected structure/morphology of your sample including a sketch and expected dimensions.


Do not send reminder e-mails we will get back to you as soon as we can with further questions we might have and instructions on how and when to submit your samples.